Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Ways to Show Students Respect

My greatest strength as a teacher is my ability to build relationships with students1.  Collette pointed me towards this TED Talk; fresh ammo for the new year2.

Update: I remember now that this video freezes periodically throughout the talk, but the sound continues and the video eventually catches up. Keep listening.

Update 8/20/11 7:03PM: Angela Maiers has a follow up post to this video here.

1. When I remember that it's my greatest strength and use those skills.  Sometimes we forget what we're good at. [Go back.] 2. If someone gives me a job.  If not, those who call me in to sub, you are on notice.  I will be telling your students they are geniuses.  [Go back.]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome edcampPDX Participants

Here are links to the different tools I'll reference today:

THIEVES Previewing
Article of the Week Example

Good News Sites

Scholastic News
Headlines Spot for Kids
Science News for Kids
CNN (video)

Lexile Analyzer 

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