Friday, November 4, 2005

What are Feeds?

Feeds are an easy way for you to read the posts on this blog without having to visit this website every time. Feeds deliver the posts to your e-mail, homepage, or to a "feed reader" as soon as a new post is created.

Feeds are also referred to as rss (really simple syndication). Signing up to receive feeds is called "subscribing," in the same way that someone would subscribe to a magazine, only it is free and digital.

Almost every blog and news related website has a feed you can subscribe to.

To subscribe to Pedagogy in Practice, you need to choose where you want to receive the blog posts.

For e-mail, type your e-mail address here: (Delivered by FeedBurner)
For your iGoogle Homepage or Google Reader, click this button: Add to Google Reader or Homepage

For your Yahoo Homepage, click this button:

Use another feed reader or don't know what to do? Click here.

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