Friday, November 4, 2005

Publishing in our Classrooms

I've been thinking a lot recently about publishing and education. It started in E 402 - Teaching Compostion as we were talking about the writing process. I was curious about how publishing could work in classrooms without spending large amounts of money but still fulfill the purpose of lending importance and professionalism to students' work, something that they could look back on and be proud of.

My stream of thought continued when Bud Hunt, a teacher at Olde Columbine High School in Loveland, CO, spoke to my teaching methods class. Bud has a great deal of experience utilizing technology in his English classrooms, and he is a member of the Colorado State University Writing Project. The possiblity of publishing with blogs and podcasts intrigued me.

I'm still processing all this while working with Rebecca Fox, another member of the CSU Writing Project and an amazing teacher at Fort Collins High School. She teaches composition and advanced composition and has been kind enough to let me teach some lessons.

So I decided I'd give blogging and podcasting a try.

How do you promote publishing in your classrooms while maintaining a tight budget?

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