Thursday, October 23, 2014

Young Adult Literature Database

Way back in 2006, I announced a wiki that was going to catalog Young Adult Literature with helpful information for teachers, modeled after an assignment in my Adolescent Literature class at Colorado State University.

Which is cool and all (at least, I thought so), but it wasn't ideal, because you couldn't search for books, and no one else really listed any, so maybe it was a silly idea, or maybe the wiki was clunky, or maybe putting in all that information on a book you read was too time consuming (and it is, for sure - partially why I got a C on the assignment).

However, if you could search it, there would be some major benefits.  You could find books on specific topics or with specific themes, and have a reliable plot synopsis from another teacher, along with range of appeal, the lexile, and thought questions that a class might address.

So, now you can.  And you can also add or update the records of books you've read.  And it's easier than a wiki.  And you don't have to fill out every field.  Do what you can and someone else can come along and finish it off.

But, if this is a silly idea, there's also a link to the LibraryThing tagmash, which is where I go to find books on a particular topic for book clubs and literature circles.