Friday, December 8, 2006

Thinking and Rethinking

I've been rethinking a lot recently about the thinking I did over the summer about my semester of student teaching last spring. I'm really beginning to see this fall semester when I had to go back and retake one class for my degree as a blessing in disguise. I've been able to take some more time to assess my teaching before getting in my own classroom.

I've thought and rethought so much about my teaching that I can see where I've gone wrong and so many things that I'll never let happen again - like teaching without thinking. I never really looked back to assess my own teaching during my student teaching. My excuse was I was too tired. But how hard would it have been to type up a few paragraphs on the blog after school each day. It might not have been deep reflection, but I could have reached that reflection later, after going back and looking at my initial reactions.

And thanks to Google Reader (man, technology is just so cool! I just never got into any of the other readers, but with this as my homepage, I'm reading like crazy) I've been reading a lot more of other blogs than I was before - get ready to watch the aggregator grow. Here's a post from Donna that got me thinking about my rethinking my thinking.

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