Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Reading Schedule

So looking at the page counts we're dealing with, we've got 770 pages to cover in 10 weeks.  That's about 77 pages per week.  Hopefully I'm not the only one having second thoughts.

Classroom Assessment and Grading that Work
  • By Saturday, July 2, read through page 88.
  • By Saturday, July 9, finish the book.

Narrative Counseling in Schools
  • By Saturday, July 16, read through page 87
  • By Saturday, July 23, finish the book.

Comprehensive Classroom Management
  • By Saturday, July 30, read through page 76
  • By Saturday, August 6, read through page 155
  • By Saturday, August 13, read through page 254 (ouch)
  • By Saturday, August 20, read through page 330
  • By Saturday, August 27, read through page 428 (ouch again)
  • Saturday, September 3 - catch-up day if needed 
I realize this isn't ideal for those not on the west coast.  Should we knock out Marzano or Winslade in just a week to accomodate those who'll start school around August 20th?  Your questions, comments, concerns, threats, and tomatoes are are welcomed in the comments.

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