Friday, February 10, 2012

Episode 6 - Grouping Students, (Not) Leveling Readers

Today's podcast contains some thoughts I've been tossing around regarding grouping students for reading and responding to Romeo & Juliet.  As I mention, I've got a longer post on how I'm teaching the play this year.

It's a Bud the Teacher style recording, done on my ride into work.  You can hear the mighty roar of my 4-cylinder Corolla in the background.  I'll have to play around with microphone placement for next time.

Also, I think I mentioned in the podcast that it's been two years since my last podcast.  This is incorrect.  It's actually been five years.  And what I thought was episode seven is actually episode 6.


  1. PODCASTS? What?? Dude, you crazy!

    Do you like the group discussion instead of the class discussion? I'm worried that some wouldn't discuss--

    We're reading The Devil's Paintbox! It's FUN.

  2. Danielle,

    Yes, podcasts. And I'll point out this is episode 6. Episodes 3 through 5 can be found on the right sidebar (if the links still work, that is).

    I like that students have to figure it out on their own rather than 10 students discussing it as a whole class while the other 20 sit there drifting off into space. I think for some the text is really challenging, and I'm not sure when to let them go on their own. The Ashland group says focus on a few passages where you can really look at the craft, then let the students read the rest - as long as they get the general plot, they'll be okay. But I think for some students, they reach frustration level with the text before they get to the plot pieces. So I'm looking for that balance.

    I haven't read that. I'll have to see if I can find it. I just started The Golden Compass today (never read it - and I call myself a middle school language arts teacher!).